Estadísticas de Venta Directa Mundial de WFDSA

(basado en datos de 2015)

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Publicado en Junio 3, 2016
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(1) Sales figures are expressed at Estimated Retail level and exclude Value Add edTax. Figures are based on the size of the entire industry, unless otherwise noted. (2) Sales figures for 2014 and 2015 are expressed in US Constant 2015 Dollars to exclude the impact of foreign exchange andensure comparability. Average annual exchange rates from the International Monetary Fund and, secondarily, from OANDA have been used to convert data from local currency to US dollars. An exception is Venezuela, where  exchange ratesused by several direct selling companies in the market were researched.
(3) Direct Sellers include individuals who are careerminded entrepreneurs building their own businesses … or part‐time entrepreneurs earning extra income. Most enjoy significant discounts on products. Infact, some chooseonly to enjoy and use the products and not to sell at all.
(4) Figures are basedonly on DSA member companies andnot the entire industry.
(5) WFDSA research estimate.
(6) WFDSA research estimate, based on article: 2015 Performance Assessment: Direct SalesSoar, dated February 3, 2016
(7) Argentina is a highly inflationary  market. As of April 2016, the IMF forecasts inflation of 29% for 2016, but a real decline inthe economy of 1%. That is GDP in constant prices willfall 1%.